Apostolic Christian Home for the Handicapped, Inc.

Administrative Office
2125 Veterans Rd.
Morton, IL 61550
309-266-9468 (fax)

Apostolic Christian Timber Ridge
2125 Veterans Rd.
Morton, IL 61550

Apostolic Christian Oakwood Estate
2213 Veterans Rd.
Morton, IL 61550

Apostolic Christian Linden Estate
1000 Linden St.
Morton, IL 61550

Apostolic Christian CILA Services
107 E. Jefferson St.
Morton, IL 61550

Apostolic Christian Services serves adults with an intellectual disability (disabilities that occur prior to age 18 and result in delays or impairments in motor skills, communication skills, self-care skills, learning skills, etc.).

We provide the necessary services for each client without regard to his or her ability to pay.

We are licensed and funded by the Illinois Department of Public Health, the Illinois Department of Public Healthcare and Family Services, and the Illinois Department of Human Services.

Whom Shall I Send?

If you would like to view a short video with pictures of past and present residents as well as historical images of the Timber Ridge building, please click here to view:

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Midwest Gospel Sing
Saturday, April 29, 2017
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    "We look at the person, not what they are not able to do." -staff

    "The setting and staff are so pleasant…we’re just thrilled (our loved one is here), it’s just what we had in mind." -family

    "If God would have made them perfect in the world's eyes, then we wouldn’t be blessed." -staff